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The Impact of Catholic Charities Atlanta’s In Home Parenting Education Program

Catholic Charities Atlanta provides in home parenting education to moms who lack support and are a part of a high risk population due to homelessness, domestic violence, mental health issues, and learning disabilities. Some of the moms we assist are also young, inexperienced, and ill-prepared for motherhood. Our goal is to help these mothers  become self-sufficient and provide them  with the skills necessary to effectively and lovingly parent their children and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Our caring, experienced Parent Specialist meets with over 30 women each year for a six to nine month parenting program. She visits these women in their home and helps them with basic parenting skills, baby safety, nutrition, child development, and budgeting. Additionally, the parenting specialist assists the moms with referral information for accessing and linking additional services that they may need (i.e. WIC, Medicaid applications, financial literacy, legal services and counseling.)

The Parent Specialist’s individualized work makes a significant impact on the lives of the moms who participate in this program. Below is one of the many letters that we receive from grateful clients who have benefitted from our parenting education program, called “Parent Talk.”

 “Some of the best things in life come unexpectedly.  I first heard of Catholic Charities Atlanta from a friend of mine, who recommended that I call and see what services I can get to help me take care of my daughter better. By the time I made my first call, I was seven months pregnant. The information I got was that there was a short waiting time period and someone would get back to me and luckily enough after giving birth and my daughter was a week old, I got the call, that it was my turn. In about two weeks I got to meet the social worker and that was the start of a very interesting learning adventure.

A lady by the name of Esther Gonzalez called me on the phone, a parent specialist, introduced herself and told me about Catholic Charities. She told me what to expect and finally we set up a day to meet. As I waited for the agreed upon date, a lot went through my mind.  Though she had told me what to expect, I still waited anxiously. I have learned a lot that I have applied in raising my baby girl. Esther handled and interacted with my daughter with much care and patience. She taught me safety, nutrition and what to expect at different stages of growth and development. I have used the informative handouts/booklets and videos as reference and guides so many times to raise my daughter. Esther listens too and I strongly believe that is one of the best characteristics that define a good person. Many of us, most of the time, need just someone to listen. Also, she was very concerned about our well being, in a way you cannot imagine. To sum it up, I would like to thank Catholic Charities for the wonderful help that I have received from them. Importantly, the parent teaching sessions, diapers, wipes, clothes, handouts/booklets, and videos that I have applied in raising my daughter. Also I want to thank Miss Esther Gonzalez, for the good heart and wonderful teachings, patience and listening. I would definitely recommend it to any mother out there.”

Thank you,

About Our Parent Talk Program

Catholic Charities Parent Talk Program serves to educate, strengthen and support pregnant and parenting families to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment so that they may achieve their full potential.

We serve a diverse mix of clients (adults and teens), including high-risk expectant parents, new parents and other caregivers/guardians raising infants. Services focus on family support and early intervention.

Parent Talk is a voluntary intensive, parenting skills education program with services provided in your home including:

  • Assistance with goal setting to help moms meet their basic needs;
  • Free baby supplies and layettes when available
  • Counseling Services
  • Information and Referral
  • Case Management
  • Child/Family Assessments
  • Child Development Screenings

For more information, please contact our client intake line at 404-920-7745 or email


The In Home Parenting Education Program is provided free of charge to the mothers who participate as most of them live below the poverty level and do not have the support of family. To help Catholic Charities Atlanta continue to provide this vital program for mothers in our community, please consider making a donation to our Mother’s Day Appeal by clicking here.

Additionally, we accept donations for new moms in the form of gift cards, diapers (newborn to size 4), wipes, pack and plays, baby toiletries, and baby rash creams.  To donate baby supplies, please contact Sandy Thompson at 404-920-7748 or by email at

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