120 Stories: Day 11

“The painting is about the sunset (when the sun goes). My life was like that when I was in refugee [camp]. Everything was dark, but I trusted in my God, and I said to myself one thing: “My life [...]

120 Stories: Day 10

“I was lucky enough to be born in a relatively safe, stable country. When I was 17, I joined the military and spent the next four years overseas. I saw the horrors of war firsthand. I was moved [...]

120 Stories: Day 9

“My name is Amanda, and I have coordinated Catholic Charities Atlanta’s after school program for refugee youth for three years.  The parents and students we serve have been forced to flee [...]

120 Stories: Day 8

“My name is Bahadur. I am a former Bhutanese Refugee. I was arrested in a peaceful rally in September 1990 and was imprisoned for 18+ months. I was released by Amnesty International UK Chapter on [...]

120 Stories: Day 7

“My name is Roger and we came to the United States last summer. One of the first things I did was ride a bike, because someone gave us bikes. Also, my mom bought me some cookies. When I grow up I [...]

120 Stories: Day 6

“My name is Diane. My family came to the United States last year and we are Congolese. At home, we speak Swahili. When we came to the US, we had to go to an airport and fly on an airplane to [...]

120 Stories: Day 5

“My name is Etala. I am from the Congo but I lived in a refugee camp in Rwanda and also in Tanzania. I went to school to the first grade there and now I am in the third grade. I like my new [...]

120 Stories: Day 4

“I began working with Refugee Resettlement as an intern in my final year as a BSW student at Georgia State University. My internship location was chosen for me, and at that time I had never [...]

120 Stories: Day 3

“My name is Nur. I am 10 years old and I am from the country Burma. On the first night that I arrived in the United States, my family slept at my friend’s house. The next morning, my family [...]

120 Stories: Day 2

“My name is Jannel, and I’ve been involved with Catholic Charities Atlanta’s Refugee Resettlement for the past year as a Dominican Volunteer. I’m a full time volunteer placed as an [...]

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