Spring Appeal 2017

As spring blossoms emerge from the winter landscape, I am reminded of God’s promise of a new life and new beginnings. During this Lenten season, I ask you to take the time to reflect on what we, as individuals and as the collective community, can contribute to those who are in need of help to find their new beginning.

Catholic Charities Atlanta has served those seeking renewal for over six decades. With the continued support of donors like yourself, CCA is able to provide help & create hope for those who need it most.

Our clients come from all religions and backgrounds—a majority of which live at or below the poverty line. Although all who knock on CCA’s door are seeking different types of help, their common thread is the same— they are looking for a better life and a chance to provide their families with dignity and respect.

In 2016, CCA provided services to nearly 17,000 individuals in our community. In those numbers, we have helped provide life changing services to our neighbors in need including:

• Veterans living in their cars with family and children
• Women who are victims of violence
• Families fighting to save their homes amid financial crisis due to joblessness
• New Americans seeking to become independent and valued community members
• Low income families seeking to understand how to budget and manage their family finances better
• Parents who want to improve their English skills so they can better help their children with their homework

In the Gospel of John, we are taught the power of Christ turning water to wine—the act of taking something ordinary and making it remarkable.  This Lenten season, let your donation become something remarkable.

To donate online, please click here: bit.ly/CCASpringAppeal

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