Love Thy Neighbor

A Tale of Two Cities begins with this memorable line: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Sharing this true story, from our own era, of two communities side by side here in Atlanta. One is experiencing the best of times.  The other- quite the opposite.

Seen from above, Atlanta is booming. Having shaken off the most recent recession, it boasts a skyline of rapidly rising office towers, luxury apartments, and new stadiums.  But go beyond the glass and glitter and you’ll see another city- of people trapped in pockets of persistent poverty.  Look into the shadows and side streets and you find frustration and hopelessness, along with a daily debilitating level of stress that tears families apart.

Christ’s message is clear: Love thy neighbor as thyself.  When you support the work of Catholic Charities Atlanta, you live that message: Love thy neighbor. Catholic Charities Atlanta helps the most vulnerable and at-risk, more than 16,000 of your neighbors last year alone- people battered by homelessness and lack of employment, strained by a lack of resources and education- with many more unserved.

We invite you to bring your passion and light, your care and commitment this holiday season.  Embrace a vision that strengthens families- and enables Atlanta’s poor to become rich in self-sufficiency.

This is a pivotal time to support Catholic Charities Atlanta. Make a donation to help us grow our community impact, while bringing a renewed meaning to the Christmas season.  Walk with us to give Atlanta’s poor and undeserved the hope of Christ.

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