Spring Appeal 2018

“The seeds of kindness that you plant today, will one day bloom in the hearts of all that you touch.”

Having shaken off the most recent recession, Atlanta boasts a skyline of rapidly rising office towers, luxury apartments, and new stadiums. Drive through downtown—in some of America’s heaviest traffic—and you see construction cranes everywhere.

But go beyond the glass and glitter and you’ll see another city; of people trapped in pockets of persistent poverty, untouched by this economic recovery.

Look into the shadows and side streets and you will find great frustration and hopelessness, along with a daily, debilitating level of stress that tears families apart.

The people we serve at Catholic Charities Atlanta reflect this dark reality—95% are low income and 81% live in poverty. Many of these families are classified as unstable—buffeted by poor health, lack of education and coping
skills, housing insecurity and chronic unemployment.

Every day, we strengthen these families, by providing them with the right combination of services so they can stabilize and thrive. We work to break the cycle of poverty that has trapped people for generations. Making a meaningful, measurable difference is Catholic Charities Atlanta’s commitment to those we serve….
• Because children shouldn’t live in cars.
• Becasue a single mom should not have to choose between feeding her kids and paying the light bill.
• Because a Purple Heart recipient should not be living on the streets.
• And, because the gospel reminds us that what we do for our brothers and sisters, we do for Him.

As Spring emerges, plant a seed of kindness by making a gift to those in need and see transformation bloom.

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