Annual Christmas Appeal 2018

Jesus said that “whatever we do for the hungry, the sick, the stranger, we do for Him.” (Matthew 25:40).
That’s why, as Catholics, we see HIS face in those we serve:

• the veteran struggling to provide a roof over their family’s head
• a parent trying to provide a stable home and put food on the table
• the couple experiencing challenges in their marriage and seeking counseling

Each year, Catholic Charities provides help and creates hope for nearly 16,000 people in need.

91% of our clients are low income and 67% live in poverty.

We believe that charitable assistance that leaves the poor as they are is not sufficient.

Our goal is to leverage our experience, services, and partnerships to move families out of poverty once and for all. We want to provide a hand up, not a hand out for those who want to live independent, self-directed lives free of financial instability and homelessness.

We seek to cure the condition—not just treat the symptoms—of those we serve.

We encounter people every day in some of the most vulnerable moments of their lives, encountering them in their woundedness. Sometimes wounds of which we are aware, but more often wounds of which we will never see. Before a wound can heal, it must be seen. We bring these wounds to the light so they can be seen and healed by showing mercy, restoring dignity, and ultimately transforming lives.

Your gift today will bring light to those suffering in darkness. We need your help—and heart—to get there.
To find the joy Jesus wants for us all—as we see His face in all of God’s children.

Make your annual charitable contribution by clicking here.

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