Spring Appeal 2019

Valuing and Cherishing God’s image in the poor and vulnerable is core to what Catholics believe is the mission of our faith. At Catholic Charities Atlanta, we draw our inspiration and strength from this belief. During this Easter season of rebirth and renewal we have renewed confidence that we can make a real and measurable impact on those around us who want to change their life for the better. We rejoice in our client’s resilience to meet life’s complex challenges and we endeavor to provide them support and accompany them on their journey to a better life, free of dependency and the restraints of poverty.

Catholic Charities Atlanta is focused on linking our services and those of our partners in as seamless a manner as possible to help clients achieve self-sufficiency by developing critical life skills, gaining access to education and employment and ensuring families have basic food and security as well as addressing their well-being. Our mission is to use our resources in a way that achieves the highest impact possible for those who need and seek help, to lift them from crisis and instability to independence and self –sufficiency.

For many in the Atlanta area, life is better as a result of the recent economic recovery. However, this recovery has not resulted in good news for everyone. It turns out we have the country’s fourth-highest rate of suburban poverty and according to a Bloomberg analysis released in
October, Atlanta has the greatest income disparity in America. “At the high end, Atlanta looks like one of the most successful American cities…., but at its low end, it is one of America’s poor cities with 9.3 percent of households who make less than $10,000 annually.” It is these families that are struggling the most and where we seek to make the biggest difference.

It is Easter that renews us and our commitment to seek the best for those we serve.  We see the Easter season as a time of great joy and celebration. We hope you will join us in this season of renewal and help us bring new hope to those we serve.

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