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The Christmas season is filled with many lights—a star on top of family’s tree, strands of lights decorating a home, and candles on the table for that special Christmas dinner. But there are many families in Atlanta that are living in darkness due to poverty and loss of hope—who don’t have the opportunity to experience the joy of the season.

But Catholic Charities strives to overcome that darkness by providing a Beacon of Light to nearly 13,000 individuals in need each year.

  • We provide a light to show the young parent, like Lela, how to better care for her child through our parenting education program.
  • We provide a light to the struggling family, like the Jenkins, who are trying to stay in their home and out of foreclosure.
  • We provide a light to a veteran, like Frank, find the resources he needs to provide for his family.

Our staff encounter people every day in some of the most vulnerable moments of their lives as they struggle with loss, disappointment and frustration.  In these moments of helplessness is when we see HIS face.  In these moments we are strengthened and uplifted knowing that thanks to supporters like you, we can offer solutions for long term effect to those who are suffering.

We offer services that put individuals and families on a path of self-reliance and stability. Transforming lives by showing mercy and restoring dignity is at the heart of Catholic Charities’ mission.

Your gift today will bring relief to those who are suffering and lost.  We need your help and your heart to alleviate their suffering so they can once again stand independently and find the Joy that Jesus wants for all of us.


Vanessa Russell
CEO, Catholic Charities Atlanta




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