Christmas Annual Appeal 2020

Replacing that worn out pair of shoes. Finding one extra Diaper in the bag. Staying housed during the pandemic. These moments bring a sense of joy, relief and peace. These moments are made possible through your support of Catholic Charities.

During the pandemic, we have processed 3 times the number of request for assistance we normally receive.  Our mission to provide supportive services that help families overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency has been tested and stretched beyond anything we have ever experienced.  We are helping veterans with food assistance and finding a job.  We are helping struggling parents keep their children housed and out of foster care.  We are providing technology that supports children with after school tutoring and engaging virtual volunteers who are mentoring teenagers to keep them on the path to high school graduation.  We are conducting virtual financial coaching to improve clients’ credit score, help them stay out of foreclosure and prevent eviction.

We offer a helping hand and nurture hope within the most vulnerable.

Your support of the Christmas 2nd Collection and the Christmas Annual Appeal, makes a transformative and tangible impact in the lives of the almost 13,000 individuals that Catholic Charities serves on a yearly basis.

As Pope Francis said:

“Let us open our eyes to our neighbor, especially to our brothers and sisters who are forgotten and excluded, to the “Lazarus” at our door. That is where the Church’s magnifying glass is pointed…. By right but also by … duty, for it is our responsibility to care for the true riches which are the poor.”

We appreciate your support in past years.  Please prayerfully consider partnering with Catholic Charities this Christmas by making a generous gift now.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

The Staff of Catholic Charities Atlanta

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