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The theme for the day is “Helping the most vulnerable in our society” All of our messaging will include how our services promote self-sufficiency for our clients in need.

We have a goal of raising $20,000 in a 24-hour period to fund the services that help the Seniors and Children in our programs.

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#iGiveCatholic was founded in 2015 as a giving day that kicks off the charitable season and brings the Catholic community together to give thanks and give back..

Georgia Gives Day is a 24-hour period where local charities and media outlets partner together to promote awareness and rally to help raise money for Georgia nonprofits. This statewide initiative focuses the attention of the work and worth of nonprofits in the state of Georgia.

The vulnerable children in our programs can benefit from your donation

At CCA many of our services provide assistance to vulnerable children.

Our Immigration Services provides pro-bono legal representation for children that are victims of violence, domestic abuse, human trafficking and survivors of crime.

Our Counseling & Parenting Services has a professional staff that provides counseling for children that have been affected by abuse, family conflict, exposure to violence and more. Our Parent Talk program teaches parents the vital skills needed to succeed in helping their children thrive.

You can make a difference in a Seniors’ life.

Welcome to St. Joseph Place, where freedom and fulfillment go hand in hand! We understand that every individual’s journey is unique, which is why our community is designed to empower our residents to embrace life on their terms. St. Joseph Place is an independent living community for low-income seniors offering affordable housing.

At our independent senior housing facility, we believe in the power of choice and autonomy. Our residents enjoy the freedom to live independently while having access to an array of convenient services and amenities. With our supportive and compassionate staff always available, residents can confidently navigate their day-to-day activities knowing that assistance is readily accessible should they ever need it.

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