Pregnancy Counseling

Nicole is the sole provider for her four-year-old son and barely able to make ends meet. Twelve weeks into her second pregnancy, Nicole loses her job because of it. Though she plans to place her unborn child for adoption, Nicole desperately needs work to support her son and pay the family’s delinquent rent. Abandoned by the father and with no family to turn to, Nicole faces a hopeless situation and a choice between her young son and her unborn child.

Catholic Charities Atlanta helps women in bleak circumstances like Nicole’s. We counseled Nicole on parenting and adoption options for her unborn child, and she determined that adoption was the best solution. We assisted with rent payments and placed her in financial counseling. Catholic Charities supplied clothes for her son. For her unborn child, we coordinated the adoption placement, and Nicole was connected with an adoption support group.  Catholic Charities helped Nicole find stability so that when a friend offered her shelter in North Carolina, she was able to petition the court for permission to leave the state despite a joint custody order.

When donors give to Catholic Charities, they supply those in need, like Nicole, with the chance to live a better life — and a life not yet realized with the chance to live.