CCA History

Over 65 Years of Service

Throughout our 65 year history, Catholic Charities Atlanta has served the poor and vulnerable on behalf of the Atlanta Catholic community. Although the services provided have changed and evolved, the core mission of offering a helping hand to those in need, regardless of a client’s background or religion, has remained the same.

Catholic Charities Atlanta traces its beginning back to 1947 when a Catholic social service program was organized under the direction of the late Monsignor Cornelius Maloney. From 1948 to 1953 the agency was operated as a volunteer organization with two trained and dedicated social workers serving in their spare time.

MsgrMaloney The organization continued to operate solely on a volunteer basis until July of 1953 when it incorporated as Catholic Social Services of Metropolitan Atlanta, beginning a sixty year journey of care and service.

At our inception, the then Catholic Social Services functioned very differently than Catholic Charities Atlanta does today, operating only as a central referral agency, referring those applying for assistance to the appropriate social service agency that could best serve their needs.

In 1955 those involved with and working at Catholic Social Services saw a clear need for the agency to offer services on a much larger scale. The organization was classified as a Family and Child Care Agency granting it casework status, more closely resembling the Catholic Charities Atlanta of today.

History of CCA

Community Support

Catholic Charities Atlanta began as volunteer organization and although we have grown into a professional social service agency, we could not Provide Help and Create Hope for those in need without the continued support of our volunteers and donors. In our 60 year history, over 24,000 friends of the agency have volunteered over one million hours of their time to help their fellow neighbors in need. These selfless individuals have served on our Board of Directors and Committees providing financial and visionary support, taught English classes, donated furniture and clothing for newly arriving refugees, served as a family friend to a refugee, engaged children at our summer camp, and even hosted Baby showers for our pregnant and new moms. Our parishes support Catholic Charities Atlanta by donating money through the Archdiocesan second collection. Local corporations and generous individuals in our community also provide financial support and volunteer assistance. Additionally, over 1,000 parish volunteers spread Christmas joy each year by donating and delivering much needed gifts to over 3,000 men, women and children through our Christmas Connections program. In the words of Pope Francis, “Let us never forget that authentic power is service. Only those who serve with love are able to protect.”


“My housing counselor really stuck with me. It was a great outcome that gave me some breathing room. If it wasn’t for Catholic Charities Atlanta, my family and I would have lost our home. It was a really good experience, and a great feeling to know that someone is working to help you.” – John, Foreclosure Prevention Services Client

“Thank you very much for all the assistance Catholic Charities Atlanta has given me. A year ago I was not in a good place, still trying to deal with the loss of my husband after 36 years of marriage.Now, after some counseling sessions, I am joyful and at peace once again and looking forward to my future.” – Martha, Counseling Services Client

“Thank you for helping reunite our family. Your help has made it possible for our daughter to be with us again.” – Anita, Immigration Legal Services Client

“My life has changed drastically since receiving the benefits of Catholic Charities Atlanta. I am more relaxed, less stressed and hopefully one day I can be completely organized and independent. I feel as if I am a better parent and am more prepared when the children are acting out or in the process of potty training because of Catholic Charities Atlanta.” – Danielle, In-home Parenting Education Client

“Thank you for all of the help you provided for my family during Christmas. I truly don’t take it for granted. God uses people like you to help others get through the tough times. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Bronical, Christmas Connections Client

“I wanted to thank you for the help you have given to us. My 9 month old son went in to have surgery on April 27, 2011, which was the day of the tornadoes. They caused a lot of damage to our home. When I spoke to you, I knew there was hope. I cannot thank you enough for your help. God is good and always works things out. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help so many in need. You guys are awesome!” – Tammi, Disaster Response Client

“I was blessed to have a therapist who was caring and non-judgmental. She made me feel comfortable regardless of the dialogue. She is an asset to Catholic Charities Atlanta.” – Lisa, Counseling Services Client

“I would highly recommend the program to anyone in need. It has really helped change my outlook as a parent. I am hopeful that I can one day use the knowledge I have learned to help someone else in need.” – Samantha, In-home Parenting Education Client

“This letter is to personally thank you for the legal services I received, that were at no cost to me. I was in a very difficult situation and thanks to your program and the kindness of your staff in Atlanta, I was able to have the opportunity to better my daughter’s life, as well as my own. Eight months have passed and our life has begun to flourish. My heart overflows with happiness and gratefulness to you, your program and what you stand for. Your wonderful staff has made an incredible difference in our life.” – Isla, VAWA Client

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