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Maria Lanakila Catholic Church

On August 8th, fire tore through the community of Lahaina on the island of Maui.  To date, over 110 lives have been lost.  Amid such tragedy on Maui was the miracle that Maria Lanakila (Our Lady of Victory) Catholic church, built in 1846,  was unscathed by the fire.  It has become a symbol of hope for many residents.  “Lahaina will rise again,” governor Josh Green said in a statement on the crisis. “It will be a symbol of our resilience, our values, and our sacred bonds of Ohana. When it is rebuilt, it will be a living memorial to the loved ones we have lost.”

“This is such a tragedy for the residents of Lahaina. We are praying for all those impacted by the fires.” said Vanessa Russell, CEO Catholic Charities Atlanta.   To help those impacted, you can make an emergency donation to Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) to provide lifesaving resources.  100% of your gift will be sent where it is needed most.