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CCA is so excited to award Allie Orsagh from St. Pius Catholic School, the Inaugural St. Thomas Aquinas Service Award. Christie Crane, Manager of Volunteer Resources announced the award to the school before mass in front of her peers, her parents and community.

This was the speech made by Christie Crane:

Good morning St. Pius! I am Christie Crane, Manager of Volunteer Resources for Catholic Charities Atlanta. As a St. Pius graduate, I am overjoyed to be here to present Catholic Charities’ inaugural St. Thomas Aquinas service award.

It is said that to give of yourself without reward, compensation or expectation is the most selfless act a person can do.  To be the hands and heart of Jesus—the seen and unseen gestures of our Lord.  Many give of their time, but few exemplify the true meaning of volunteerism and stewardship.

Let’s talk about that…what qualities does one need to possess to give of themselves, their time, their talents, their treasure? 

Selflessness, for certain.



An open and caring heart.

A willingness to go the extra steps—further than the person next to them, not because it is a competition, but because it is the right thing to do.

Catholic Charities is here today to honor one such person who exemplifies these qualities.

One who has given more than she has taken from the world, and grows her own circle of caring.

We asked Father Michael Bremer what made our volunteer of the year stand out and without hesitation he said “JOY”.  She outwardly reflects the energy and love of Jesus through her actions and even with her facial expressions.  She is comforting to those she helps and is a spirited piece of fire to those around her.

Her parents have watched as she reaches out to those in need, even if it is something as simple as approaching a child who is alone at lunch or sitting on the sidelines without a playmate.  Her smile is contagious.  Her laugh, comforting.  Her natural insight into others provides a relaxed sense of care.  It is not that she seeks approval or reward—she simply wants to help others, always. 

For Catholic Charities Atlanta, this young woman has: initiated coat, food and supply drives for our families in need, assisted in the setup of our annual soiree, helped with our Christmas Connections program, not only by obtaining gift wish lists over the summer, but also distributing gifts to families in December. She inspires her classmates to volunteer and is someone we can always count on to spread awareness of those in need.

Please join me in congratulating the very first recipient of Catholic Charities’ St. Aquinas Award for Outstanding Community and Volunteer Service……………………… Allie Orsagh.