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Isaiah 1:17- “Do good: seek justice”.  This is also the theme of this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

What does this mean?  The theme, taken from the first chapter of the Book of Isaiah, reflects his concern for the oppressed who suffer from injustice and inequality fed by hypocrisy that leads to disunity. He teaches that God requires righteousness and justice from all of us, to create the peace and unity that God desires. These virtues originate in God’s love for all, and racism runs counter to this vision. Isaiah’s challenge to do good and seek justice together applies equally to us today.

This Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an opportunity to ask God to help Christian Churches seek common ground and appreciation for each other. Prayer is the key which opens our hearts to Christ’s desire for unity. In opening ourselves to prayer we remember that we share a common baptism and faith in the Trinity. Our practice of faith begins in our shared appreciation for Scripture as the Word of God where we encounter the saving truth of Jesus.


Loving God, we ask that you grant us the spirit of wisdom and unity, so that we may be one, even as you are one with our Lord Jesus Christ – and he with you.

Enable all the members of the body of Christ to live together in unity and fellowship with one another and lead us into the paths of peace and righteousness so that we may be well pleasing in your sight.

We ask you to teach us how to love one another as Christ loved us and help us to show one another the unusual kindness that can only come from knowing your Son, Jesus. May the Spirit stir up in our hearts a desire to be united as one, in the bond of peace and fellowship. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.