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Catholic Schools Week 2023

National Catholic Schools Week begins on the last Sunday in January and runs for an entire week. This year it is celebrated from January 29 to 4. It is annually celebrated in the United States to promote the exceptional education that comes with functioning as a Catholic school. Education has always been a vital part of decision-making for every family and parent and with this week-long occasion, people can have a glimpse of the excellent standards, formation, programs, and teachings Catholic schools can offer.

There are 18 Atlanta Archdiocesan Catholic Schools;


National Catholic Schools Week is held for seven days, starting from the last Sunday in January. Aside from its promotion of education, it’s also a great opportunity to recognize the value, principles, and contributions that the Catholic schools have relayed to the Church and every citizen for decades. Showcasing what makes Catholic schools the best for every parent, family, and child is the priority for conducting Catholic Schools Week.

What usually happens during National Catholic Schools Week is the observance of catholic masses, assemblies, open houses, seminars, and many other activities for every family, parishioner, and community member. The quality and distinction of Catholic schools can be seen through these, especially for the young, those who will attend and enter school. The theme and logo for National Catholic Schools Week for the year 2022 is “Catholic Schools: Faith, Excellence, Service.”

The first Catholic school that opened in the United State was called St. Mary’s School in Philadelphia, in 1783. After some time, the enthusiasm and curiosity for Catholic education grew and the nation noticed a massive inflow of Catholics from all over the world. By the 1920s, more than 6,000 Catholic elementary schools accepted and enrolled almost two million students and employed 42,000 teachers. By the latter half of that century, enrollment grew, even more, reaching double the number of students. Ever since Catholic schools have been widely perceived and established as a viable means of education.

We are very proud and appreciative to have the Students at many of our area Catholic school students volunteer in our program with fundraising, events, office internships and so much more.