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National Volunteer Week is celebrated annually during the third week of April and this year it will be observed from April 16 to 22. This week-long celebration is about placing a spotlight on inspiring figures whose invaluable seeds of kindness through volunteering are bettering the community and our world in general.

Forty-four percent of people are unsure how to get involved or where to find opportunities to volunteer. That’s why Global Volunteer Month is so important to Catholic Charities Atlanta.

It’s a time to uplift those who are working to better their communities and equip nonprofits that are doing the same. Individuals rely on nonprofit organizations to provide them with clear guidance and direction on how they can lend their time, talent and resources to a cause. Nonprofits simply can’t function without passionate, committed individuals to help do the work.

Civic Engagement Thrives When We Work Together

Throughout April, Global Volunteer Month celebrates the power of people who tackle society’s greatest challenges, and build stronger, more vibrant communities through volunteerism and everyday actions. There are many ways you can get involved and join the celebration: recognize volunteers, find volunteer opportunities, make a DONATION and so much more.

Find Ways to Volunteer That Mean the Most to You

Supporting a cause you care about by volunteering can have a big impact. There are many ways to lend your time and talents, but it’s also important to make sure you’re acting in thoughtful and effective ways. Finding the right volunteer opportunity can be as critical as how you choose to give back. Please visit

Here are some great CCA Volunteer Stories….

Gina Foil:  Gina Foil is a Legal Services Volunteer in Immigration Services.  She is a retired paralegal who volunteered for two years before Covid, and has returned to provide her specialized services as a paralegal to complete Refugee Adjustment of Status (“Green Card”) applications.  She has assisted with over 200 applications since she began as a volunteer at CCA, and currently plays a critical role in supporting CCA in providing this service to the refugee population.

Lee Ann Pendergrass: Lee Ann is an Administration Volunteer in Immigration Services who assist ILS in client file data management.  Her skills as a retired educator have been appreciated here in ILS.  We are out of space!  She is tirelessly and carefully reviewing all older closed files and readying them for archive.  So far this year she has single handedly completed 37 banker boxes full of files that have been moved to or off-site facility.  The next phase of the project is data review and closing of files in our databases, a task we know is in good hands with her managing the project.  We couldn’t do it without her!

Caroline Pitman: Resettlement Specialist – Jesuit Volunteer Corps-“Caroline works with refugee new arrivals making them self-sufficient. Caroline  does a job of  one full time staff who needs to be paid. CCA and clients really value Caroline’s  time working as resettlement specialist.” – Pasupati Regmi, Senior Resettlement Specialist

Nicholas Keys: Human Resources Intern-“Nicholas Key is our HR Intern who has been with us since January 2023- he will be here for this semester. He is studying for his Master’s in Public Administration. He has been an integral part of the onboarding process- insuring that references are checked and documents are in order. He is also assisting in developing new forms (including the New Hire Tech Form) and tracking for compliance.” – Joanne Bennett, Director of Operations

Amy Zuspan: Refugee Youth Mentor-“Mentor Amy was a critical member of our college readiness force! She worked with a mentee to prepare for the Accuplacer for almost a year until the mentee passed and gained college admissions. One-on-one tutoring across multiple subjects takes dedication and that is 100% Amy.” Mo Oshode, Coordinator of Refugee Youth Mentoring

Frank Moye: After School Program Volunteer-“Mr. Frank always comes in with a great spirit and willingness to learn more about our youth. He is always open to helping where needed and he is so very encouraging. The kids absolutely adore him.” – Marqui Glinsey, Refugee Youth Education Specialist

Jean Ivanuska: After School Program Volunteer-“Ms. Jean is such a sweet spirited person. The youth love being around her as she always challenges the youth to do their best and affirms their efforts. Even when ASP days are difficult Ms. Jean always has a way of reminding everyone of the silver linings and the small things to be grateful for. She is a gem for both the students and staff.” – Marqui Glinsey, Refugee Youth Education Specialist

Heather Khloer: Art Enrichment Community Partner-“Ms. Heather creates intentional and creative Art Projects for our youth to enjoy. The lessons always include diverse candidates with a hidden life lesson. Students love spending time with and expressing themselves using art with Ms. Heather.” – Marqui Glinsey, Refugee Youth Education Specialist

Thank you to all of our Volunteers, we appreciate all you do to help Catholic Charities Atlanta in helping others.