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christmas appeal

You may not realize it… but you are a light to those who are lost in darkness.

As Advent draws near and we prepare to hand out Christmas gifts to over 4,000 of our neediest neighbors, I find myself thinking about the Wise Men following the star of Bethlehem. The Wise Men were wandering in the dark, with only a star in the sky to guide them.

I witness this in so many of God’s children that we serve every single day at Catholic Charities Atlanta. They are searching for a better life – a way out of the darkness.

You are the light! Your generosity shares the light and love of Jesus with those in need right here in the Archdiocese of Atlanta!

Since you have generously supported us in the past, I knew I needed to reach out to you about an urgent opportunity that we have this Christmas.

When you make a special one-time gift by December 31st, we will be able to take 100 families off our

waiting list and into our programs this year.

You see, the need for our services has never been greater. Each and every day we have more and more families knocking on our door.

Families like Shannon’s, who are in desperate need of your help.

Shannon grew up without either of her parents around to raise her. Her mother was addicted to drugs and her father was rarely around. Each night, Shannon and her younger brother would wait up for their Mom to come home, but would fall asleep on the stairs crying with no one to comfort them.

When Shannon had her own children, she had no idea how to take care of them. That’s when she turned to Catholic Charities Atlanta. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever…

Because of your generosity, Shannon was able to receive counseling services that gave her the skills to be the Mom that she always wanted to be to her two young children.

“My life has become transformed because of Catholic Charities Atlanta. I enjoy my kids so much now and they actually have respect for me now. I can walk down the road with my head held high because I know I’m doing the right thing for my children.” -Shannon

Last year we served over 100 families with our Parenting Program. But, as you know, your generosity supports the services received by over 11,000 people right here in our own backyard.

Services like:

  • Financial counseling that leads struggling families to financial independence.
  • Veteran services to support the needs of those who have given so much and now find themselves in desperate situations due to homelessness, depression and joblessness.
  • Counseling services for children who have suffered trauma.

And that’s just to name a few!

When you give to Catholic Charities Atlanta this Christmas, you help families reach self-sufficiency.

You light the way for a family out of darkness and help them stand on their own two feet.

But time is of the essence. Please make your special one-time gift before December 31st, so that we will be able get 100 new families off our waiting list and into our life-changing programs.

Thank you for supporting the important work being done each day here at Catholic Charities Atlanta.