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bishop ned advent

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Peace be with you and may you be God’s instruments of peace.

Few organizations put as much time, effort, and care into the services that they provide for their clients. Catholic Charities Atlanta has provided services to over 12,000 individuals over the last year.

As a veteran myself, I’m most proud of the work Catholic Charities Atlanta does for veterans. 

Tim is an Army veteran and Catholic Charities employee.  He has dedicated his career to serving other veterans who are in desperate need of help. These veterans come to us in heartbreaking situations. Often, they are homeless, depressed, jobless, and looking for a way out.

Here’s just one powerful story of one of Catholic Charities Atlanta’s Veteran clients:

Gabriel’s Story

Over the last few months, Tim, a Veteran caseworker was working with a Navy veteran named Gabriel. Gabriel had been living on the streets and had little understanding of his VA benefits. He needed help finding a home and was looking for a hot meal. For a man who had given so much for our country, it was heartbreaking to find him in such a state.

Tim worked tirelessly with Gabriel to get him the help he needed. Gabriel received mental health counseling, his veteran benefits, and was able to get an apartment and get off the streets! 

A few weeks ago, Tim was talking to Gabriel’s landlord about helping another veteran. The conversation led to Gabriel.

The landlord had some sad news for Tim… Gabriel passed away in his apartment.

Tim couldn’t believe it. When Tim later connected with Gabriel’s daughter, she thanked him for making sure her father passed away with dignity– in his own home, secure and safe.

This year, we have the chance to change the lives of 100 more people that need help, just like Gabriel, for the better.

Catholic Charities Atlanta has a goal of getting 100 families off their waiting list and into their life-changing programs- and you can help.

Along with Archbishop Hartmayer, Bishop Konzen and Bishop Tran, please consider being a blessing to those in need by making a special year end gift to Catholic Charities Atlanta.

Your gift goes a long way in changing the lives of individuals for the better by helping them to finally break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient.

Thank you for your generosity, and may God continue to bless you during this Advent Season,

Bishop Ned